Hippodrome Studio - Jeff Decker


Hippodrome Studio is Jeff Decker’s lair where the history of motorcycle culture is lived, studied, documented and sculpted.As the only licensed Harley-Davidson sculptor, Jeff’s mission is to capture an over looked American history. The motorcycle and rider are the single greatest manifestation of the industrial era. Nothing symbolizes the urgency of our age better than the bike rider.

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1941 Crocker Custom

70 - Flying Piston Score

This modern renovated 1941 Crocker is Jeff Decker’s take on classic big tank Crocker and it's hard to argue with anything on this bike. Crocker introduced motorcycle design innovations that set his V-twin ahead of the Harleys and Indians of the mid 30's and 40's. The transmission could withstand incredible amounts of torque. This beautifully engineered three speed transmission coupled with a unique proprietary engine of Crocker's own design laid shame to anything that dared cross its path. So confident was Crocker with this magnificent machine that he offered to refund the full purchase price to any buyer who was beaten by a rider on a factory stock Harley or Indian bike. No refund was ever given. –photograph by Adam Wright.