Red Barron Choppers Belgium


In Europe, Charles Grégoire, known as Charly the Red Baron, of Red Baron Choppers, has been building custom motorcycles for a little over five years. He hails from the city of Liernieux, Belgium, and has earned the reputation as the builder with two golden hands, because every bike project he touches is a show winner. Charly is one of those builders who is fun to be around. He’s approachable and can hold an honest conversation with anybody, unlike many bike builders today that will quickly charge an arm and leg just to shake the only remaining hand of a combat veteran returning from the Iraqi War. Charly enjoys his work and it’s not all about money, he was and always will be a bike builder first. When asked why he got into the bike building profession he replied, “Because I didn’t have the money to buy the catalog parts I admired, so I decided to start making my own.”

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Burning Steel

58 - Flying Piston Score

Burning Steel is one of those creations that really makes your eyeballs get bigger. It's like a cup of fresh air, if you will. I can't say that this build brings me back to the simpler times when hot rods and hand made chopps were everything you could find on the streets. Just because I wasn't so lucky to be a part of that or even conceived @ that time! But I like to be carried away and imagine... Gregoire's inspiration came out of the machines of the 19th Century's Industrial Revolution. When everything was evolving and new ideas were put to the test. To honor that heritage and that great start-up point, CG built this dazzling custom. Single shock springer front end. Drilled . Drilled frame to make it lighter too. Heavy and very compact look. Leather straps connect the under gas tank with the backbone. Flat Head powered (of course). Ford carb. All metal riveted seat. It's a true work of art that really touches a chopper addict.



45 - Flying Piston Score

Revenge’s motor is a stock-size 80-incher, but with performance modifications done by RBC. Internally, a set of Wiseco pistons compresses the mixture from the Keihin carb which is mounted in front of the engine and breathes through a RBC air cleaner. The Moto Guzzi-style engine placement prompted Charly to design an unusually crafty handmade exhaust. The pipes have more twists and turns than a road over the Alps before dumping out over and under what appears to be a swingarm. But that’s not what makes this bike special; it’s RBC’s mating of the twisted Evo to a BMW R/75 4-speed transmission and shaft-drive. Beautifully integrated and looking like it was made to be connected to an Evo in the first place, Charly did a fine job of engineering these Bavarian pieces into his design. The unusual kick-only setup now starts by pushing the left-side lever down and away from the engine.