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Church of Choppers - Jeff Wright

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Jeff Wright is the owner/operator of Church of Choppers in Des Moines, Iowa. Since it is 2011 and everyone is connected to the internet, you might have seen his blog,, it’s one of the best sites on the web for choppers and all kinds of killer motorcycle-related stuff. Yeah, he also runs the two best bars in Des Moines: Kung Fu Tap and Taco and the GT bar. He is also one of the three guys behind FTWCO, clothing and art collective of sorts. When it comes down to it, none of that is what really matters to Jeff. What really matters to Mr. Wright is motorcycles.Church of Choppers is run by Jeff Wright and is by appointment only, so give Jeff a call @ Phone +1 515-778-5416 before just dropping by the shop at 201 4th St West Des Moines, Iowa Now if your just looking for the cool free FTWCO stickers hit up his blog.

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