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William David (Billy) Lane born February 6, 1970 in Miami, Florida is widely known as a builder of custom motorcycles, owner of Choppers Inc. in Melbourne, Florida — and for his 2009 conviction following a drunk-driving incident and current incarceration in Florida After college he started making his trademark six-gun parts as presents for his biking buddies. Word got around, and requests for these items from people outside his group of friends inspired him to establish Choppers Inc in 1995. Lane later became well known from his appearances on the Discovery Channel show Biker Build-Off. He holds seven US patents on motorcycle parts and accessories and has authored two books, an autobiography, Billy Lane's Chop Fiction: It's not a Motorcycle, Baby, It's a Chopper and How to Build Old School Choppers, Bobbers & Customs. Lane also holds an Associate in Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University as well as a Bachelor in Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida International University, graduating in 1997.

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