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AFT Customs has been a pioneer in Metric customs for many years. We have 4 AMD World Championships, IMBBA Level 2 and many show wins, and magazine features to our credit. AFT was the first metric builder to win best of show at many prominent bike shows and opened doors for those that followed. We have many component designs that we introduced to the industry - example - we were the first to put the clutch lever on the suicide shifter. We don't follow trends. We want an AFT bike to still be popular 5 years from now.We're constantly searching for ways to have our bikes stand out from the crowd. Attention to detail is 1st on the list. Function also. All of our bikes have racing components from the sport bike and motocross industries. We have tested our customs at Bonneville and the Mojave Magnum. The ATF girls come in in their spare time from their careers and families to learn all facets of custom bike building. 2 have become TIG certified. They also race our bikes. Phone: 209-223-3848

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