Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Flying Piston?

We're all about custom motorcyles. We don't just show the highest quality photos of one-off custom motorcycles from around the planet. We provide detail on...

We are a site by, for, and about all types of custom motorcycle enthusiasts from all around the world. If you're a fan of custom bikes, Flying Piston is the place to see all the world's top bikes and builders in one place.

If you'rer a custom builder, custom parts maker or broker we can help you reach a wider audience to get your word out about what you have to offer by adding your bikes to our site, taking control of your builder page, and posting bikes for sale in our virtual showroom.

What is the Flying Piston Score and how is it calculated?

The Flying Piston Score is not a judgment of a bike but it does gauge the general level of interest. What an FP score shows us (and you the builders) is how intriguing that bike is to other custom bike enthusiasts.

We use the FP score to prioritize all display pages so that the higher a bike scores the more searche results it will appear in and the more exposure it will get. The FP score is derived from the bikes head-to-head performance on our vote page where users are asked to choose the bike they prefer out of random match-ups. All of which is why a good profile shot of the bike's best side is very important.

How can I get my custom motorycycle indexed?

Get a bike posted! Our requirements are simple:

After that we want to get as many details as you can provide, the best thing you can do for your bikes page after good pics is to provide us with a back-story on the bike. Give our readers a bit of info about the parts used, the unique aspects, things that happened during the build, how the idea came about or how the bike got its name. This is a mandatory requirement and we really encourage you to give our readers some way to identify with the bike.

Email high quality photos and info we'll get it indexed.

What are the custom bike classes?

We use a custom classification systems to identify our bikes. A few criteria we use are as follows:

Classes are always going to be subjective and there will be no satisfying the purists. So we seek to group bikes into categories based mostly on what they look like in profile.

Our most popular bike classes are as follows:

As any category starts to have an excessive amount of entrants we can subdivide it. The more the site grows, the more precise the categories will get.

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