Linkert Show Winner built by Garage Built Bikes of France


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This is one kickass old school French knucklehead. I really want to find out more about this one so if you have any info please let me know. Not sure about if the pics with the moon disk on the back wheel are earlier or later that the spokes but I like it. Not really sure about wheat the hell is the figure on the jockey shift either: is it a walrus? or is it Admiral Ackbar? IT'S A TRAP!!!

Built In: France

Bike Style: Samuri

4 Years We added Linkert Show Winner to our site on Jul 9, 2012.

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Linkert Show Winner Bike Specifications - Garage Built Bikes

Class StylingSamuri
Featured PartsKickstart
FrameHarley Davidson Frame
GastankAlien / Egg Gastank
Handlebars / RisersMini Ape Bars
Motor ConfigKnucklehead
Paint Color(s)Creme / Tan
SeatSolo Sprung
Suspension FrontSpringer
Suspension RearRigid / Hardtail
WheelsStandard 40-80 spokes, Doughnuts