Pandemonium - Custom Choppers

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Ya mama was built on a Yamaha XS650 platform by the guys at Pandemonium Custom Cycles. Of course they utilized many parts form their own parts line including but not limited to the 8 Ball oil tank the battery box and the tail light. The thing that jumps out at me on this bike is the leaf spring seat and does something like that need a dampener? Or does it add a new meaning to the term "gotta bounce"?

37 - Flying Piston Score

Ya Mama Bike Specifications - Pandemonium - Custom Choppers

Class StylingChopper
FrameYamaha Frame
GastankAlien/Egg Gastank
Gastank - FeaturesSight Gauge
Motor BrandYamaha XS
Motor ConfigIn-line 2
Motor Size (metric)0650cc
Paint Color(s)Brown
Paint ThemePinstripe, Metallic/Flake
SeatSolo Sprung
Suspension FrontConventional - Standard
Suspension RearRigid/Hardtail
Tires & Wheels7 Spoke, Iron welded, Tire auto/radial
Xtras (Featured Parts)Kickstart