School Bar Atelier

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What more can be said about a panhead with a tricked out one off frame, Avon roadrunner 230/60-15's for both back and front tires, and a helmet for a gas tank? It's got a helmet for a gas tank.....OK but it bears repeating.

75 - Flying Piston Score

Hooligan Bike Specifications - School Bar Atelier

Class StylingBobber
Frame1-Off Custom Frame
Gastank1-off Custom Gastank
Handlebars / Risers(0 Rise) Drag, Straight Bar, Risers tall (4 to 8 inch)
Intake CoverVelocity Stack(s)
Motor ConfigPanhead
Oil tankBarrel / Keg
Paint Color(s)Orange, Black
Paint ThemeMilitary
SeatSolo Sprung, Leather/handtooled
Suspension FrontSpringer
Suspension RearRigid/Hardtail
Tires & WheelsTire Wide (180-260mm), Standard 80-100 spokes
Xtras (Featured Parts)Jockey/Suicide Shift, Open Primary, Kickstart