School Bar Atelier

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OK yea Hooligan's got a wide low down bulldog stance, an HD panhead with a tricked out one off frame, a pair of fat Avon roadrunner 230/60-15's for both back and front tires, and a mile high jockey shift sticking up over the tank. So yea none of that sticks out half as much as the gas tank. It's really the helmet tank that makes Hooligan jump out and grab your attention isn't it? It's got a WWI metal trench helmet that's been extensively modified for a gas tank. Petrol head?

51 - Flying Piston Score

Hooligan Bike Specifications - School Bar Atelier

Class StylingBobber
Frame1-Off Custom Frame
Gastank1-off Custom Gastank
Handlebars / Risers(0 Rise) Drag, Straight Bar, Risers tall (4 to 8 inch)
Intake CoverVelocity Stack(s)
Motor ConfigPanhead
Oil tankBarrel / Keg
Paint Color(s)Orange, Black
Paint ThemeMilitary
SeatSolo Sprung, Leather/handtooled
Suspension FrontSpringer
Suspension RearRigid/Hardtail
Tires & WheelsTire Wide (180-260mm), Standard 80-100 spokes
Xtras (Featured Parts)Jockey/Suicide Shift, Open Primary, Kickstart