Trirod Motorcycles

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The F3 Adrenaline™ – is geared for street and track use. It features Penske Racing shocks, Pirelli tires, carbon fiber bodywork, and billet aluminum parts throughout. A 20 inch rim with a 325 rear tire coupled to a 120 cubic inch racing motor might seem like overkill to some - its standard issue for this unit.

59 - Flying Piston Score

F3 Adrenaline Bike Specifications - Trirod Motorcycles

Class StylingTrikes/Sidecar
Frame FeaturesDropseat Frame
Handlebars / Risers(0 Rise) Drag, Straight Bar
Motor ConfigEvo (Evo style)
Motor Size (ci)120ci
Paint Color(s)Black
Rearl Drive (non chain)Belt Drive
Suspension RearMonoshock
Tires & WheelsTire Super Wide (280-360mm), Cast/Mag
Xtras (Featured Parts)Open Primary