Spike built by Shinya Kimura of Zero Engineering - Chabot of U.S.A.


Shinya Kimura of Zero Engineering - Chabot

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Kimura rescues old Harleys from their postmortem fates as saloon decorations, museum attractions, and—worse—from having their dissected parts dispersed throughout a backwater of garages to become paperweights, ashtrays, and doorstops. His company, Zero Engineering, based in Okazaki City, Japan, is comprised of a small group of adherents who are loyal to both Kimura-san and his vision. True to the chopper way, Zero’s motorcycles also embrace contradictory philosophies of design, in this case a blend of Western and Eastern paradigms. Kimura chose not to follow the parade of shiny, chrome-plated, technologically freighted, and extravagantly painted bikes. He prefers antediluvian engines stuffed into chopped, rigid, gooseneck frames with an itsy-bitsy peanut gas tanks, leather bicycle seats, big fat balloon tires, wire wheels, and kick-starters. He exposes the mechanical guts of his bikes and virtually shines a spotlight on their prehistoric parts, including drum brake and Linkert carburetors.

Built In: U.S.A.

Bike Style: Drag Racers

6 Years We added Spike to our site on Jan 7, 2012.

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Spike Bike Specifications - Shinya Kimura of Zero Engineering - Chabot

Class StylingDrag Racers
Handlebars / RisersClip Ons / Separates
Intake CoverCustom One Off
Motor BrandHarley Davidson
Motor ConfigKnucklehead
Paint Color(s)Bare Metal
SeatLeather / Handtooled
Suspension FrontSpringer
Suspension RearRigid / Hardtail
WheelsStandard 40-80 spokes