Death Dealer CFL built by West Coast Choppers - WCC of U.S.A.


West Coast Choppers - WCC

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The Death Dealer CFL (aka: Barfly in the die cast toy line) chopper is no doubt one of the most recognizable bikes to ever roll out of West Coast Choppers. The bike was built as a tribute to the late Frank Frazetta and prominently features Frazetta's Death Dealer character on the tank and fender. The paint job was done by La Valle the creator of the “realistic flame” paint style. Like the Chango Blanco the Death Dealer featured a Jeff Decker "Flying Skull" ornament above the headlight. The air cleaner and other accessories were hand engraved by Tay Herrera. H&L Performance built the one off 131 in engine boasting 165 RWHP. Engine is backed by a Baker 6 speed. This was Jesse's personal bike for 3+ years and is the most famous and well known to his fans. The movie “Motorcycle Mania 3” begins with Jesse riding this bike and popping wheelies while on the freeway, a testament to it power - “Motorcycle Mania 3” starring Jesse James and Kid Rock.

Built In: U.S.A.

Bike Style: Chopper

5 Years We added Death Dealer CFL to our site on Sep 9, 2011.

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Death Dealer CFL Bike Specifications - West Coast Choppers - WCC

Class StylingChopper
EngravingEngraving by Tarrera - Tay Hererra
Exposure/PublicationCelebrity Owned Bike
Featured PartsOpen Primary
FrameWCC CFL Frame
GastankSportster Peanut Gastank
Handlebars / RisersApe Hangers
Intake CoverWCC Coffin
Motor BrandCustom Frankenengine
Motor Size (ci)131ci
Oil tankBarrel / Keg
Paint Color(s)Black, Orange
Paint ThemeFlames - True Flame, Mural - Gothic
SeatWCC Potato Chip Seats, Paul Cox
Suspension FrontConventional - Standard
Suspension RearRigid / Hardtail
TiresTire Wide 180-260mm
Wheels5 Spoke