CFL Golden built by Garage Built Bikes of U.S.A.


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This home built bike started as a West Coast Choppers CFL frame. Painted with a gold on gold paint scheme.

Built In: U.S.A.

Bike Style: Chopper

6 Years We added CFL Golden to our site on Dec 15, 2011.

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CFL Golden Bike Specifications - Garage Built Bikes

Class StylingChopper
FrameWCC CFL Frame
GastankSportster Peanut Gastank
Handlebars / RisersDrag / Straight Bars
Intake CoverWCC Spade
Paint Color(s)Creme / Tan, Gold, Black, Orange
Paint ThemeMural - Techno, Alien, Other
SeatWCC Potato Chip Seats
Suspension FrontConventional - Standard
Suspension RearRigid / Hardtail
TiresTire Wide 180-260mm
WheelsStandard 40-80 spokes