Brad Pitt's Split Tank #23 built by Church of Choppers - Jeff Wright of U.S.A.


Church of Choppers - Jeff Wright

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Owned by Brad Pitt this bottom up custom job built around an early Harley Davidson Shovelhead engine in a rigid frame made by Jeff Wright of Church of Choppers. The rat looking bike features invader style wheels a uniquely mounted tractor seat. Rumor has it that this bike had to be towed after Brad put gasoline in the oil tank. In his defense the oil lines go up into the tank, which means that the tank is split in two, an oil section and a gas section. That also means you have two similar caps sitting right next to each other one for the oil and one for gasoline.

Built In: U.S.A.

Bike Style: Rat Bikes

4 Years We added Brad Pitt's Split Tank #23 to our site on Jan 29, 2013.

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Brad Pitt's Split Tank #23 Bike Specifications - Church of Choppers - Jeff Wright

Class StylingRat Bikes
Exposure/PublicationCelebrity Owned Bike
Featured PartsBrass / Copper Accents, Generator, Kickstart, Open Primary
FrameCustom One Off Frame
GastankSportster Peanut Gastank, Custom One Off Gastank
Handlebars / RisersDrag / Straight Bars, Custom One Off Handlebars
Intake CoverS&S Teardrop
Motor BrandHarley Davidson
Motor ConfigShovelhead
Oil tankOiltank in Gas Tank
Paint Color(s)Bare Metal, Black, Orange
Paint ThemeDistressed Aged
SeatSolo Solidmount
Suspension FrontSpringer
Suspension RearRigid / Hardtail
Wheels5 Spoke, Invader